(Updated March 27, 2024)

  1. This contract hereby supersedes any other prior understanding, written or oral agreement, between the customer and service provider regarding the subject matter of this contract.  This contract contains the entire agreement between the customer and the service provider, and no further modifications shall be put into force.
  2. The customer will ship their vehicle computer here to be serviced and shipped back the customer.  It will NOT be replaced with another computer.  The customer will receive back their actual computer that they shipped here.
  3. If no faults are able to be identified in the customer's computer upon initial examination, then a full refund is completed (the customer's cost to ship the computer here is NOT reimbursed), the computer returned to the customer, and the warranty terminated.  In some cases the damage to the computer is too extensive for repair.  In these cases (including during the warranty period), a full refund is completed, the computer returned to the customer, and the warranty terminated (the customer's cost to ship the computer here is NOT reimbursed).
  4. No structural or cosmetic repairs will be made (such as on the case, wire harness plug, broken off screw heads, etc.), and the computer case will not be cleaned.  
  5. A lifetime warranty is included with every order.  This warranty is non-transferable among people and/ or vehicles.  Any damage to the computer caused by improper installation, or faults originating from outside the computer (electrical shorts, physical damage, corrosion, etc.), are not covered under the warranty.  The customer is responsible for the cost to ship the computer for all warranty claims, and the shipping back to the customer will be paid by the service provider.
  6. There is no reimbursement for any shipping costs whatsoever.
  7. The service provider is in no way liable for any advice administered to anyone.
  8. The customer agrees to permanently (without exception), even if the contract is breached by either party, accept any and all liability, responsibility, and damages, without limitation, for everything and anything directly and indirectly related to the service provided by the service provider, including the computer itself, and permanently release (without exception), indemnify, and hold harmless the service provider of all and any liability, responsibility, and damages.
  9. Any ambiguity in these Terms & Conditions will be defined by the service provider. 
  10. Privacy statement - G7 Computers does not collect or use your information for any other purposes than the sale of the transaction.
  11. By making a payment to the service provider, the customer is agreeing to these Terms & Conditions as stated above.
  12. These Terms & conditions are subject to change without notice.
- End of Terms & Conditions -